Cinematography, DSLR videography

Free filmmaking lessons from “Elements of Cinema

Film vs. Video

Film form: Narrative, Documentary, Experimental

Screenwriting: Overview, Three-Act Structure, The Main Character, Character Arc, Dialogue, MacGuffin, Theme, Exposition, Foreshadowing

Cinematography: Overview, The Human Eye, Shot Sizes, Camera Angles, Camera Moves, Types of Lenses. Exposure, Aperture / F-stop, Shutter Speed, Depth of Field

Directing: Overview, Mise-en-scène, Blocking, Coverage, Shooting Script

Editing: Overview; Ellipsis; Cross Cutting, Types of Transition, Kuleshov Effect.

Videography versus Cinematography

Differences Between Cinematography and Videography

Why Filmmakers Should Learn Photography

Cuts and Transitions 101

Akira Kurosawa - Composing Movement Every Frame a Painting

Storytelling with Cinematography

Composition + Framing - Storytelling with Cinematography

Lighting - Storytelling with Cinematography

Cinematic Camera Angles and Movement

Top 10 Most Effective Editing Moments of All Time

10 Best Uses of Color of All Time

The ultimate Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking | Basic Tutorial

10 Tips for Beginner Filmmakers (DSLR guide)

How to Make Videos Look Professional (DSLR guide)

50 Tips for Filmmakers (DSLR guide)

How to Use Any Camera For Filmmaking (DSLR guide)

Cinematic Film Look on a Budget

Cinematic Film Look on a DSLR

Other videos from DSLR guide

How to Shoot a Short Film

Filmmaking Gear - Camera, Audio and Lighting

10 Tips for Filming Slow Motion

The basics

Basic Camera Shots for Filmmaking

Film Making Basics

How To: Basic Cinematography Tips

7 Things to Know About Making Short Films

Camera movement

5 Brilliant Moments of Camera Movement

The Meaning Behind Camera Movement

Other resources

Mastering Composition + Cinematography with Will Smith

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