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Cambridge in Colour by Sean McHugh is an online learning environment where photographers can come to improve their skills. After its founding in 2005, it has grown substantially both in content and in the number of visitors it attracts. On any given day, over 20,000 different people are learning about photography and contributing in the forums community.

Photography has become incredibly popular on the internet, and for good reason: it's a fast-growing and accessible hobby whose results can be enjoyed by anyone. Most sites focus on blog-style content that gets broadcast frequently, which is an important role that is well-suited for the internet. However, this website believes that there is also a strong need for more permanent, reference-style content that readers can continue to benefit from time and again. Toward this end, our tutorials typically focus more on concept than procedure, are highly visual and often interactive, and cover each topic thoroughly but concisely.

Concepts and Terminology

How Your Camera Works
Understanding Digital Camera Sensors
Understanding Camera Exposure: Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed
Understanding Camera Metering
Understanding Depth of Field
Understanding Camera Lenses: Focal Length and Aperture
Understanding White Balance
Understanding Camera Autofocus
Qualities of Digital Photos
Understanding Bit Depth
Understanding Sharpness
Understanding Image Noise
Understanding Dynamic Range
Advanced Concepts
Digital Camera Sensor Sizes: How Do These Influence Photography?
Understanding Diffraction: Pixel Size, Aperture and Airy Disks
Digital Cameras vs. The Human Eye (NEW)
Understanding the Hyperfocal Distance

Using Camera Equipment

Camera Types and Accessories
Compact vs. Digital SLR Cameras
Selecting and Using a Camera Tripod
Camera Flash, Part 1: Light Quality and Appearance
Camera Flash, Part 2: Flash Ratios and Exposure
Camera Lenses
Understanding Camera Lenses: Focal Length and Aperture
Using Wide Angle Lenses
Using Telephoto Lenses
Tilt/Shift Lenses: Using Shift Movements to Control Perspective
Tilt/Shift Lenses: Using Tilt Movements to Control Depth of Field
Macro Lenses: Magnification, Depth of Field and Effective F-Stop
Macro Extension Tubes and Close-up Lenses
Lens Characteristics
Camera Lens Flare: What It Is and How to Reduce It
Camera Lens Quality: MTF, Resolution and Contrast
Camera Lens Filters
Choosing a Camera Lens Filter: Polarizers, UV, ND and GND
Understanding and Using Polarizing Filters
Using Graduated Neutral Density (GND) Filters
Using Neutral Density (ND) Filters
Caring for Your Camera and Photos
Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning: Tools and Techniques
How to Make Archival Digital Photo Backups
How to Protect Online Photos: Copying, Watermarks and Copyright

Photo Editing and Post-Processing

Overview: Digital Photo Editing Workflow (NEW)
Image Files
Understanding Bit Depth
Understanding Image Types: JPEG and TIFF
Understanding RAW Files: Why Should I Use RAW?
Tones and Contrast
Understanding Histograms, Part 1: Tones and Contrast
Understanding Histograms, Part 2: Luminosity and Color
Using the "Levels" Tool in Photoshop
Using the "Curves" Tool in Photoshop
Understanding Image Posterization
Sharpening and Detail
Understanding Sharpness
Guide to Image Sharpening
Sharpening Using the "Unsharp Mask" Tool
Using Local Contrast Enhancement
Image Resizing
Understanding Digital Image Interpolation
A Closer Look at Resizing an Image for the Web and Email
Optimizing Digital Photo Enlargement
Image Stacking and Multiple Exposures
Using the High Dynamic Range (HDR) Feature in Photoshop
Averaging Images to Reduce Noise
Extending Depth of Field Using Focus Stacking
F-Stop Stacking: Depth of Field and Corner Sharpness
Photo Stitching and Digital Panoramas
Photo Stitching Digital Panoramas, Part 1: Overview and Capture
Photo Stitching Digital Panoramas, Part 2: Using Stitching Software
Photo Stitching Digital Panoramas: Image Projections
Specialty Techniques
Using Lens Corrections to Improve Image Quality
Digital Photo Restoration: Bring Old Photos Back to Life
Converting a Color Photo Into Black and White
How to Create Animated 3D Stereo Photos

Color Management and Printing

A Background on Color Perception
Understanding Digital Pixels: PPI, Dithering and Print Size
Understanding the Process
Color Management, Part 1: Concept and Overview
Color Management, Part 2: Color Spaces
Color Management, Part 3: Color Space Conversion
Understanding Gamma Correction and Digital Tones
In Practice
How to Calibrate Your Monitor for Photography
Soft Proofing: Matching On-Screen Photos with Prints
Working Space Comparison: sRGB vs. Adobe RGB 1998

Photography Techniques and Styles

Camera Usage
Using Camera Shutter Speed Creatively
Reducing Camera Shake with Hand-Held Photos
Digital Exposure Techniques: Expose to the Right, Clipping and Noise
Photography in Fog, Mist or Haze
Introduction to Macro Photography
Intro and Common Obstacles in Night Photography
Photo Lighting
Making the Most of Natural Light in Photography (NEW)
Portrait Lighting with One Light: Introduction
Portrait Lighting with Two Lights: Fill Light
Specialty Lights: Background, kickers, hair, rim, etc.
Overall: Studio Portrait Lighting Styles and Diagrams
The Rule of Thirds
Using Diagonals for Dynamic Photos
Negative Space - Sometimes Less is More

Photography Tools

Use these to better understand how various camera settings will impact your photos. To provide context, many of the links lead to calculators embedded within the tutorials pages.
Timing and Location
Sunrise and Sunset Calculator for Photography
Moon and Night Calculator for Photography
Depth of Field and Resolution
Depth of Field Calculator
Tilt/Shift Lens Depth of Field Calculator
Hyperfocal Distance Calculator
Diffraction Limit Calculator
Photo Enlargement Calculator: Resolution and Sharpening Radius
Subject Size and Speed
Focal Length Calculator: Subject Size and Distance
Shutter Speed Calculator: Subject Speed and Distance
Macro and Close-Up
Subject Size and Magnification
Effect of Extension Tubes
Effect of Close-Up Filters
Photo Stitching and Panoramas
Photo Mosaic Calculator
Field of View and 360° Panorama Requirements
Tilt/Shift Lens Panorama Calculator

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“The Complete Guide to Portrait Photography: 192 Tips” from Joshua Dunlop (Expert Photography)

https://expertphotography.com/guide-portrait-photography-tips/ “The Complete Guide to Portrait Photography: 192 Tips” by Joshua Dunlop, Photographer in Chief at Expert Photography:

“As a photographer, learning how to professionally capture portrait photography is one of the most important skills you can develop. Not only are good portrait photographers highly sought after and well respected, but it’s a great way for a budding amateur to turn a hobby into a career.

“Of course, if portrait photography was as simple as picking up a camera and shouting ‘say cheese!’, we’d all be doing it. But it’s not; there’s a ton of little intricacies to it.

“From choosing the right gear and finding the perfect location, to posing the model and adjusting your composition, to mastering light and polishing photos in Photoshop—you have to know it all to master portraiture, and that’s what we’re going to cover right here…”

1 Portrait Photography Gear

1.1 How to Choose the Right Camera for Portraits
1.2 The Best Lenses for Portraits
1.3 14 Recommended Lighting Setups
1.4 How to Set Up a Home Studio

2 Camera Settings for Portrait Photography

3 Portrait Lighting
3.1 10 Ways to Shoot Stunning Portraits With Only One Light
3.2 6 Portrait Lighting Patterns Every Photographer Should Know
3.3 How to Use Window Light for Portraits
3.4 Shooting During Twilight

4 Portrait Posing and Composition
4.1 10 Steps to Posing a Model
4.2 How to Pose Men In Portraits
4.3 How to Pose Women In Portraits
4.4 How to Pose for Family Portraits
4.5 10 Classic Tips For More Interesting Portraits
4.6 Peter Hurley’s Guide to Portrait Posing: The Jawline

5 Portrait Cropping Cheatsheet

6 Styles of Portraits
6.1 How to Take Flattering Self Portraits
6.2 A Guide to Black and White Portrait Photography
6.3 A Beginner’s Guide to Family Portrait Photography

7 Post-Processing Portraits
7.1 Processing Portraits in Lightroom
7.2 Processing Portraits in Photoshop

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“10 ways to light and shoot the same scene” (Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge)

In this video Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge and owner of Lin and Jirsa Photography shows us that the limitations of one scene shouldn't restrict your creativity. See how he creates 10 different lighting and shooting techniques in one scene to yield 10 varied shots using the Profoto B2.

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“Dong Yi” spoiler-free synopsis by episode (Eps. 1-60) and theme-based recaps

“Dong Yi” is an award-winning 2010 Korean historical drama that has been broadcast in Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore. Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Mongolia, and Iran. Twenty of its 60 episodes reached over 30% viewership ratings in Korea, with the whole series getting an average of 26.5% viewership rating.

The drama’s cast who won numerous acting awards are the lead stars Han Hyo-joo (in the title role “Dong Yi”) and Ji Jin-hee (as “King Sukjong”), and other supporting cast like Lee So-yeon (“Lady Jang”), Park Ha-sun (“Queen Inhyeon”), and Kim Yoo-jung (young Dong Yi).
Jump to synopsis of Episode 1 to 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 20; 21; 22; 23; 24; 25; 26; 27; 28; 29; 30; 31; 32; 33; 34; 35; 36; 37; 38; 39; 40; 41; 42; 43; 44; 45; 46; 47; 48; 49; 50; 51; 52; 53; 54; 55; 56; 57; 58; 59; 60; How to turn on the English or Spanish subs for the embedded videos; “Dong Yi” OST and videos on “haegeum” (Korean musical instrument used in this drama); Historical backgrounders, review, and analysis; Theme-based video recaps; Lessons in photography from “Dong Yi”

How I made these synopses spoiler-free

(1) I assumed that you will be reading these synopses and watching the videos chronologically.

(2) I narrated the main actions in each episode without revealing the plot’s twists and turns.

(3) At the beginning of each synopsis starting with Episode 5, I placed in a table a summary of the major twists and turns of the previous episode. But because you have already watched the video of the previous episode, they aren’t spoilers anymore.

(I used this same structure in my recaps of “Six Flying Dragons,” “The Flower in Prison,” “A Jewel in the Palace,” “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds,” “Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People,” and “Saimdang, Light’s Diary.”)

How to turn on the English or Spanish subs for the embedded videos

Throughout this blog post, I have embedded HD videos of some great scenes from this drama. (When you click the “Play” button, the video will open directly to the relevant scene.) The videos come from the official MBC Classic YouTube channel, and they all have English or Spanish subs. When you click the “cc” icon, you can choose either English or Spanish subs. If you have any problem seeing the “cc” icon, here’s what you can do:

1. Read this blog post on a desktop or laptop computer; the “cc” icon at the bottom portion of the video will generally appear at once. Click the “cc” icon and choose either English or Spanish.

2. If you’re using a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), use Chrome as your browser instead of Mozilla Firefox. Chrome usually displays the “cc” icon even on mobile devices.

If your preferred browser is Mozilla Firefox, click the full screen option; the “cc” icon should appear in that mode.

3. If you can’t see the “cc” icon for any reason, right-click the video, copy the video URL, and open the video on a new tab.

Episodes 1-4: The Sword Fraternity

Dong Yi is the intelligent and cheerful daughter of a former corpse handler (coroner) and the sister of a royal musician.

Unknown to Dong Yi, her father is the leader of the Sword Fraternity, a secret organization composed of lowborns who protect their fellow lowborns from abusive nobles and oppressive government officials. Her brother and his friend Chun Soo are also members of the Sword Fraternity.

Lord Oh Tae-Suk is a high-ranking government minister and a leader of the Southerners political faction. To consolidate his power, he orders the killing of three of the faction’s leaders. One of the targeted leaders — the Inspector General — ends up by the river where Dong Yi and her friend Gaeduara find him. By the time Dong Yi returns with the policemen, however, the Inspector General has died.

Police Chief Suh asks Dong Yi’s father (his mentor and old friend) to conduct the autopsy.

Lord Oh frames the Sword Fraternity for the killings. He also frames Dong Yi and her father for killing the suspect who was arrested by Chief Suh.

To save Dong Yi and her father, Chief Suh asks his father to plead with the King to reopen the investigation.

On the run, Dong Yi meets a court lady who knows the mysterious hand signals that the dying Inspector General tried to show her by the river.

Chun Soo takes Dong Yi and Gaedura to safety under Sulhee, a gisaeng. He then goes to rescue Dong Yi’s father and brother.

Episode 5: “Omen of Discordance”

Episodes 1-4 recap:

Dong Yi’s father and brother are killed on the mountain top, while Chun Soo falls off the cliff.

Chief Suh catches up with Dong Yi on a mountain but allows her to escape.

Determined to prove that her father is innocent, Dong Yi refuses to escape with Gaeduara. She asks Sulhee to help her enter the Palace so that she can look for the court lady who knew the mysterious hand signals.

At the Palace, Dong Yi becomes a slave at the Bureau of Music.
Six years later ...

Because of Dong Yi’s industry and cheerfulness, the royal musicians and even her fellow slaves have come to depend on her for all their needs. Her mentors and friends at the Bureau are Young-dal (a flutist) and Hwang Joo-shik (a minor official).

Dong Yi continues to search for the court lady by volunteering to work with the slaves assigned to clean up the quarters of the court ladies; she hopes to identify the court lady through her butterfly accessory.

Dong Yi has become proficient with the “haegeum” (fiddle), and one night, King Sukjong hears her playing a hauntingly beautiful melody.

King Sukjong wants to recall to the Palace his beloved Lady Jang to be his concubine and to help balance the warring South and West political factions. But together with the leader of the Westerners, the Queen Mother devises a way to use the “Omen of Discordance” (destruction of notes) to foil the King’s plan.

Episode 6: Dong Yi and the Justice Officer

Episode 5 recap:

The “Omen of Discordance” (destruction of notes) is a widely-held belief that broken music signals a nation’s ruin.

Dong Yi gets kidnapped, and in the hut where she’s taken, she finds the dead body of the chime maker and a piece of rock salt.

People in the capital begin panic-buying because of the “Omen of Discordance.”

While investigating the omen on his own, King Sukjong meets Dong Yi at the hut where she found the chime-maker’s body. King Sukjong hides his identity and introduces himself to Dong Yi as a Justice Officer of the prefecture. Together, they sneak into a house to gather more evidence.

Episode 7: The Royal Banquet; Dong Yi and Lady Jang

Episode 6 recap:

Not knowing that the Justice Officer is really King Sukjong, Dong Yi steps on the officer’s back so that she can climb over the wall.

They find some more pieces of rock salt, but they get cornered by several sword-wielding men.

Police Chief Suh gets the Royal Dispatch Seal, and he rushes with his men to rescue the King.

Having found out how the “Omen of Discordance” (destruction of notes) was faked, King Sukjong rewards Dong Yi and the Bureau of Music.

Lady Jang visits her nemesis, the Queen Mother.

A new set of officials is appointed to the Bureau of Music; they’re a father-and-son team allied with the Southerners faction.

Episode 8: The medicinal herbs

Episode 7 recap:

The King rewards Dong Yi and the Bureau of Music with a royal banquet; he also gives her silk, jade, and gold.

The son of the Bureau of Music’s director orders that Dong Yi be beaten.

Lady Jang becomes impressed with Dong Yi’s intelligence and literacy.

Dong Yi musters enough courage to ask Lady Jang to show her butterfly accessory.

Lady Jang shows Dong Yi her butterfly accessory.

Lady Jang’s mother asks Dong Yi to buy some medicinal herbs and to sneak them into the Palace for Lady Jang. While waiting for the herbs, Dong Yi meets the disciple of the seer who predicted Lady Jang’s fate.

King Sukjong secretly visits Chief Suh at the police headquarters.

Later, trouble erupts in the Palace when poison is found in Queen Inhyeon’s tonics.

Episode 9: Dong Yi and Police Chief Suh

Episode 8 recap:

Dong Yi is disappointed that Lady Jang’s butterfly accessory isn’t what she has been looking for.

The poison found in Queen Inhyeon’s tonics reportedly came from the medicinal herbs that Dong Yi sneaked into the Palace for Lady Jang.

Chun Soo finds on the mountain the Sword Fraternity’s headband that he gave to Dong Yi years ago.

Dong Yi is arrested and brought to the police headquarters.

Chief Suh meets Dong Yi at the police headquarters and asks her if they have ever met before.

Dong Yi protects Lady Jang from being implicated in the poisoning attempt against the Queen.

When Dong Yi refuses to cooperate, Lady Yu of the Office of Investigations orders that she be interrogated through torture.

Episode 10: The morgue

Episode 9 recap:

Lady Jang saves Dong Yi from being tortured by voluntarily submitting herself to the authority of the lady investigators.

With Lady Jang in danger of being charged with treason, Lord Oh plans to turn Dong Yi into a scapegoat.

Chun Soo becomes a boarder in Young-dal’s house and a worker at the police headquarters.

Dong Yi pleads with Lady Jung of the Office of Investigations that Lady Jang is innocent. But Lady Jung advises her that she should rather be thinking of how to escape from her situation.

Determined to prove Lady Jang’s innocence, Dong Yi goes to the prefecture to seek the Justice Officer’s help. Later, she sneaks into the police morgue.

Episode 11: The reward

Episode 10 recap:

Police Chief Suh catches Dong Yi at the morgue, but she shows him the proof of Lady Jang’s innocence.

On her way back to the Bureau of Music, Dong Yi is attacked by the men sent by Tribunal Officer Oh Yoon (Lord Oh’s nephew).

The King (aka the Justice Officer) and his men rescue Dong Yi. Later, the King confirms with Chief Suh the evidence that Dong Yi found.

Jang Hee-jae, Lady Jang’s brother, arrives in the capital and promptly creates trouble.

After Lady Jang is released, she asks the King to reward Dong Yi. But the King hesitates ...

Episode 12: Dong Yi and Lady Yu

Episode 11 recap:

The Justice Officer (aka King Sukjong) meets Dong Yi, Young-dal, and Hwang Joo-shik at the market; they have drinks and eat pork skin, which the King really enjoys. Walking along the festive streets afterwards, the Justice Officer thanks Dong Yi for fulfilling one of his dreams — spending a day in the capital’s streets as a common man.

Based on Lady Jang’s request, the King asks Queen Inhyeon to appoint Dong Yi as a court lady and to assign her as a lady investigator.

Because Dong Yi is a lowborn slave, the Head Lady Investigator and Lady Yu protest her appointment with Queen Inhyeon. The junior lady investigators, meanwhile, shun Dong Yi because of her connection with Lady Jang.

Lady Yu devises a plan to get Dong Yi kicked out immediately, and Lady Jang finds out about it.

Episode 13: Dong Yi and Queen Inhyeon

Episode 12 recap:

Despite the Queen Mother’s objection that Dong Yi is a lowborn slave, Queen Inhyeon stands firm and refuses to withdraw Dong Yi’s appointment.

Dong Yi fails the exam and must therefore leave the Office of Investigations.

Lady Jung and Lady Bong sympathize with Dong Yi; they plead with the Head Lady Investigator and Lady Yu to preserve the integrity of Office of Investigations.

The King goes on a retreat and decides to strengthen the Southerners against the ruling Westerners. He also decides to appoint Lady Jang as a Royal Concubine.

Episode 14: The reunion

Episode 13 recap:

Through Lady Jung and Lady Bong, Queen Inhyeon learns how Dong Yi failed the exams. She replaces the Head Lady Investigator and demotes Lady Yu. She also orders that Dong Yi be allowed to retake the exam.

The Justice Officer (aka the King) helps Dong Yi prepare for the exam.

Dong Yi meets Chief Suh during the training but fails to see Chun Soo.

Dong Yi realizes through the Sword Fraternity headband that Chun Soo is alive.

Jang Hee-jae asks Chun Soo to work for him in smuggling guns into Joseon.

The Qing envoy and his entourage arrive at the capital. Dong Yi and the other lady investigators are ordered to work undercover at the Qing compound and look for the smuggler among the entourage.

Dong Yi finds a mysterious piece of paper with Chinese characters written on it, but the characters don’t make any sense.

Episode 15: Dong Yi and King Sukjong

Episode 14 recap:

Dong Yi and Chun Soo meet each other again; they visit the mountain top where Dong Yi’s father and brother died years ago.

Lord Oh has made a deal with the smuggler, and he betrays the lady investigators, who promptly get kicked out of the Qing compound.

When Dong Yi gets chased by the Qing soldiers, she runs and ends up seeing the Justice Officer at the compound.

The King (aka the Justice Officer) refuses to let the Qing soldiers take Dong Yi. As she is led back to the Palace, Dong Yi is shocked to discover who the Justice Officer really is. Later, the King orders that Dong Yi be brought to him.

Crisis erupts later on at the royal court when the Qing envoy demands that Dong Yi be turned over to him, so that she can be brought back to Qing for investigation and punishment.

Episode 16: The decision

Episode 15 recap:

King Sukjong tells Dong Yi to treat him the way she did when she knew him only as the Justice Officer.

King Sukjong refuses to hand Dong Yi over to the Qing envoy, but all the ministers protest that Dong Yi must be sacrificed for the good of the nation.

Dong Yi decides to turn herself over to the Qing envoy.

Dong Yi is given three days by the Qing envoy to finish her investigation.

Jang Hee-jae asks for Chun Soo’s help in getting someone out of Joseon.

Chief Suh shows the King how the mysterious piece of paper that Dong Yi found can be decoded and what its message means.

Episode 17: The Queen Mother

Episode 16 recap:

Chun Soo betrays Jang Hee-jae, and Chief Suh arrests the smuggler.

At a feast, the King meets Dong Yi, Young-dal, and Hwang Joo-shik.

Sensing that Lady Jang is becoming jealous of Dong Yi, he announces her appointment as a Royal Consort.

The Queen Mother and the Westerners oppose Lady Jang’s appointment as Royal Consort. But the King says there’s a valid reason for her promotion.

When Dong Yi continues searching for the butterfly accessory, Chun Soo warns her of the consequences.

The Queen Mother becomes seriously sick, but the royal physicians don’t know why.

Queen Inhyeon secretly orders Lady Jung to investigate a mysterious letter connected to the Queen Mother’s sickness. Despite Jung-im’s protest that Dong Yi is fiercely loyal to Lady Jang, Lady Jung asks Dong Yi to join the investigation.

Episode 18: Crossing over to the dark side

Episode 17 recap:

Lady Jang gives birth to a son.

Chun Soo tells Dong Yi that the Queen Mother could have become sick when her tonics were mixed with other tonics.

In her investigation, Dong Yi begins following Lady Jang’s attendant.

Dong Yi confronts Lady Jang’s attendant on what she gave to the royal physician and the prescription for a tonic that she found in her quarters.

Lady Jang finds out that her brother planned the Queen Mother’s poisoning. Later, she calls Dong Yi to her quarters.

With Chief Suh’s help, Dong Yi tracks down the woman who sent the mysterious letter to Queen Inhyeon. But the woman escapes from the Palace.

Episode 19: Eclipse of faith

Episode 18 recap:

The royal physician shocks everyone — King Sukjong, Dong Yi, Lady Jung, and the other lady investigators — by confessing that Queen Inhyeon ordered the Queen Mother’s poisoning.

With both Queen Inhyeon and Lady Jang now the principal suspects in the Queen Mother’s poisoning, the King orders Chief Suh to investigate.

Dong Yi has lost her faith in Lady Jang, and with Chun Soo, she leaves the Palace to follow up some leads to prove the Queen’s innocence. But Jang Hee-jae sends his men after them.

Episode 20: Queen Inhyeon and Lady Jang

Episode 19 recap:

The investigation reveals that Queen Inhyeon and her family have close ties with the royal physician.

Lady Jang confronts Queen Inhyeon and brazenly tells her that she will take her place as the Queen.

Dong Yi is captured by Jang Hee-jae’s men and thrown into a river with big rocks tied to her feet.

Jang Hee-jae’s men also attack a police squad that’s protecting the clerk who prepared the fake draft payment.

With the Queen Mother’s condition becoming worse, the Southerners pressure King Sukjong into deposing Queen Inhyeon.

The State Tribunal, under Officer Oh Yoon, continues to torture Queen Inhyeon’s family members and court attendants.

Episode 21: The dethronement

Episode 20 recap:

When the Queen Mother dies, the King can no longer oppose the ministers who want Queen Inhyeon to be dethroned.

Dong Yi tries to see the King in person and present to him the evidence proving the Queen’s innocence.

Queen Inhyeon is dethroned and begins living in a small thatched-roof house.

Jang Hee-jae gets promoted as the Chief of the Left Police Bureau.

Lady Yu assigns Dong Yi to audit the Office of the Treasury, which is managed by the eunuchs.

Episode 22: The lady investigators versus the eunuchs

Episode 21 recap:

After Queen Inhyeon is dethroned, Dong Yi confronts Lady Jang and warns her that the truth will someday come out.

Lady Jang connives with investigator Lady Yu to discredit Dong Yi before the King.

Despite being maltreated by the eunuchs, Dong Yi persists and soon finds evidence that money from the Treasury was used to fund the Queen’s dethronement. She then tells Chief Suh about what she found out.

Conflict over Dong Yi arises between the lady investigators and the eunuchs. King Sukjong steps in and settles the conflict.

When the King goes to the Royal Tombs, Lady Jang and Jang Hee-jae take this opportunity to get rid of the records at the Treasury and to kill Dong Yi once and for all.

Episode 23: The chase

Episode 22 recap:

Dong Yi visits deposed Queen Inhyeon as often as she can and assures her that she and others are working to have her status restored.

King Sukjong secretly meets Dong Yi and tells her why he asked the Office of Investigations to stop auditing how the eunuchs are managing the Treasury.

Jang Hee-jae’s men burn down the Treasury and chase after Dong Yi.

Chased by Jang Hee-jae’s assassins, Dong Yi seeks refuge at the house of the Inspector General.

Tribunal Officer Oh Yoon misinforms the King that Chief Suh and Dong Yi have been working to discredit Lady Jang and that it was Dong Yi herself who burned down the Treasury.

Episode 24: Uiju

Episode 23 recap:

Dong Yi collapses on the mountain, unable to reach the King.

Chief Suh is dismissed from his position by the King.

Lady Jang finally becomes the Queen.

Despite becoming Queen, Lady Jang is beset by nightmares about Dong Yi and by the people’s rejection of her as the Queen. She orders Jang Hee-jae to get the Qing Empire’s recognition of her son as the Crown Prince.

Dong Yi finds herself in Uiju, which is more than 200 miles away from the capital. She’s under the authority of a businessman who wants her to continue managing his business and later be his concubine.

Episode 25: Dong Yi and Scholar Shim

Episode 24 recap:

The King orders Chief Suh and Chun Soo to secretly search for Dong Yi.

Dong Yi has been found on the mountain by a businessman and taken to Uiju. She repeatedly tries to get in touch with Chun Soo through letters and the rock messages that she sends out through the itinerant merchants.

At Uiju, Dong Yi meets Shim Woon Taek, a scholar in exile trying to make ends meet.

As Dong Yi is about to run away, she sees Jang Hee-jae on the road.

Jang Hee-jae has come to Uiju to make a deal with the Qing officials for the recognition of Queen Jang’s son as the Crown Prince.

Scholar Shim also sees Jang Hee-jae, and later, he pressures Dong Yi to tell him who she really is and why she’s so afraid of Jang Hee-jae. They come up with a plan to infiltrate Jang Hee-jae’s meeting with the Qing officials.

Meanwhile, back at the capital, Lady Jung and Jung-im visit deposed Queen Inhyeon. There, they meet the leaders of the Westerners.

As Queen Jang waits for the King in his office, she finds the shoes that the King ordered made for Dong Yi.

Episode 26: The rescue

Episode 25 recap:

Jang Hee-jae agrees to give the records of Joseon’s military defenses in exchange for Qing’s recognition of Queen Jang’s son as the Crown Prince.

Chief Suh and Chun Soo find Dong Yi’s rock message, and they race to Uiju to find her.

Dong Yi meets Sulhee, the gisaeng who helped her when she was a child.

Jang Hee-jae intercepts Scholar Shim’s letter and finds out that Dong Yi is still alive.

Scholar Shim makes a deal with Jang Hee-jae; he will give him the records of Joseon’s military defenses if he lets Dong Yi go free.

Jang Hee-jae agrees but plans to kill Scholar Shim after his men find the records. Dong Yi runs to Sulhee for help.

On their way to Uiju, Chief Suh and Chun Soo stop at a government stable to change their horses. But all the horses have been taken by Jang Hee-jae and his men.

Episode 27: Silkworms and poison

Episode 26 recap:

With Sulhee’s help, Dong Yi rescues Scholar Shim. As Dong Yi and Sulhee prepare to leave Uiju for the capital, Scholar Shim gives Dong Yi the genuine records; he has double-crossed Jang Hee-jae with some fake records.

Chief Suh and Chun Soo arrive in Uiju, but they can’t find either Dong Yi or Jang Hee-jae.

Dong Yi and Sulhee are on their way back to the capital.

Queen Jang decides to do something radical to win back King Sukjong’s affections and at the same time, to eliminate deposed Queen Inhyeon and her allies.

Jang Hee-jae locks down the capital to prevent Dong Yi from meeting the King.

Episode 28: The water maid

Episode 27 recap:

Chief Suh reports to the King that Jang Hee-jae tried to harm Dong Yi at Uiju.

Dong Yi disguises herself as a water maid, but she’s dragged away by the Palace guards before she can meet the King.

Oh Ho Yang (son of the Bureau of Music’s director) recognizes Dong Yi despite her disguise as a water maid.

Inside the Palace, Dong Yi tries to get in touch with Lady Jung, her mentor at the Office of Investigations.

But Jang Hee-jae finds out that Dong has entered the Palace disguised as a water maid. He mobilizes his men and orders them to get Dong Yi, dead or alive.

Episode 29: The melody

Episode 28 recap:

Lady Jung and Jung-Im find Dong Yi in the quarters of the water maids. But they’re later arrested, leaving Dong Yi all by herself again. When Jang Hee-jae’s men spot her, they chase her, but she’s able to escape from the Palace.

Dong Yi turns to playing the haegeum to soothe her spirit. Unknown to her, the King is wandering around the capital, visiting the old places he and Dong Yi went to. He then hears Dong Yi’s haunting melody and begins searching for the source of that music.

Dong Yi and King Sukjong are reunited. Later, at the King’s private residence in the capital, she meets Chief Suh and Chun Soo.

Queen Jang, her allies from the Southerners, and the Treasury officials become confused with the King’s actions, beginning with his promotion of Chief Suh.

Episode 30: Protecting Dong Yi

Episode 29 recap:

King Sukjong promotes Chief Suh as the commander of the Palace guards.

Chief Suh orders his men to ransack the State Tribunal’s office and gather evidence. He also lays out a trap for the corrupt Treasury official.

Jang Hee-jae is arrested.

Dong Yi collapses from all the stress that she has been through.

Queen Jang finds out where the King is hiding Dong Yi. She orders Lord Oh and the Southerners to discredit Dong Yi and the evidence she found proving deposed Queen Inhyeon’s innocence.

Lord Oh sends assassins to kill Dong Yi.

Episode 31: Secrets

Episode 30 recap:

The Southerners demand that Dong Yi be turned over to them for interrogation. They also demand that she be punished for abandoning her duties as a court lady.

The assassins attack, but Dong Yi is out visiting deposed Queen Inhyeon.

To protect Dong Yi, the King tells the ministers that she’s now a “special court lady” who has shared his bed.

Dong Yi enters the palace dressed up as “special court lady.” She’s escorted to her own quarters, with court ladies attending to her. But she’s confused about why she’s being treated as a “special court lady” when nothing has happened between her and the King.

Dong Yi’s friends from the Bureau of Music and Office of Investigations visit her at her quarters.

Chun Soo visits the King for an honest talk abut Dong Yi. Queen Jang also visits the King.

Dong Yi disappears from the Palace.

Episode 32: The mysterious sickness

Episode 31 recap:

Queen Jang bargains with King Sukjong that she will recognize Dong Yi as a ‘special court lady” if her brother Jang Hee-jae is released from prison.

Because of her past as the daughter of the Sword Fraternity’s chief, Dong Yi fears staying with King Sukjong.

King Sukjong follows Dong Yi to the mountain and assures her that whatever her past may be, it doesn’t matter to him.

Dong Yi begins adjusting to her new life in the Palace and learning the rules of the Inner Court.

Lady Jung and Jung-im volunteer to be Dong Yi’s court attendants.

King Sukjong arranges a small gathering outside the Palace for Dong Yi.

Dong Yi’s maids begin falling one by one to a mysterious illness.

Episode 33: Dong Yi’s guarantee

Episode 32 recap:

As panic spreads among the court maids, no one wants to be assigned to Dong Yi’s residence.

Dong Yi accepts Lady Bong and Ae-jong as her attendants.

Dong Yi and King Sukjong consummate their relationship.

The mystery illness spreads from Dong Yi’s residence to the Crown Prince’s residence.

On Dong Yi’s request, Chief Suh and Chun Soo rescue Shim Woon Taek in Uiju.

The Qing envoy and his entourage arrive in the capital.

Gossip spreads in the Palace that Dong Yi wants to kill the Crown Prince.

Dong Yi meets Queen Jang and, putting her life on the line, tells her that she will find out the cause of the mysterious illness.

Dong Yi turns to Lady Jung and Jung-im for help in investigating the matter.

Tribunal Officer Oh Yoon uses his uncle and cousin (the Bureau of Music officials) to find out about Dong Yi’s past.

Episode 34: The ultimatum

Episode 33 recap:

Dong Yi finds out that Queen Jang’s mother poisoned the cosmetics used by the sick court maids.

But Queen Jang saves her mother by spinning the story and telling King Sukjong that she was actually the one who found out what caused the sickness among the court maids.

Chief Suh and Chun Soo rescue Shim Woon Taek in Uiju. They rush back to the capital to try and foil Jang Hee-jae’s deal with the Qing officials.

The Qing envoy and his entourage arrive in the capital with great fanfare and are welcomed by Lord Oh and the Southerners.

Jang Hee-jae happily reports to Queen Jang that her son’s recognition as the Crown Prince is about to come true.

Dong Yi wants to stop the Crown Prince’s recognition by giving King Sukjong the genuine military records and telling him about Jang Hee-jae’s deal with the Qing officials in Uiju.

Shim Woon Taek confronts Jang Hee-jae in front of the Qing compound and later visits Dong Yi in the Palace.

When Tribunal Officer Oh Yoon couldn’t find anything about Dong Yi’s past, Queen Jang takes matters into her own hands.

Episode 35: The confession

Episode 34 recap:

The Qing envoy gives Jang Hee-jae an ultimatum — produce the genuine military records or else King Sukjong will be told about his attempted bribery.

King Sukjong appoints Shim Woon Taek to a government office with the sole purpose of protecting Dong Yi.

Chief Suh and Lady Jung stop Dong Yi from giving King Sukjong the genuine military records.

Queen Jang schemes to expose Dong Yi’s past by agreeing to her promotion as Royal Consort.

Chun Soo assures Dong Yi that no one will ever know about her connection to the Sword Fraternity.

Dong Yi confesses to Chief Suh that she is the girl — the daughter of the Sword Fraternity’s chief — whom he has been looking for all these years.

Chun Soo and Sulhee go to a temple to try and find Dong Yi’s family records.

Chief Suh orders his men to gather all of the records on the Sword Fraternity.

Shin Woon Taek senses something wrong between Dong Yi and Chief Suh, and so he goes to the Bureau of Music to investigate.

Episode 36: The banquet

Episode 35 recap:

Shim Woon Taek finds out about Dong Yi’s connection with the Sword Fraternity.

Chief Suh finally finds out from Chun Soo that Dong Yi’s father wanted to protect him from his superiors.

Dong Yi decides to tell King Sukjong about who she really is. But Chief Suh rushes to the Palace and prevents her from doing so.

Shim Woon Taek lays out before Dong Yi a plan to expose Jang Hee-jae’s deal with the Qing officials. Meanwhile, Queen Jang and Jang Hee-jae plan to steal the military records from Dong Yi during the banquet.

Shin Won Taek is kidnapped by Jang Hee-jae’s men.

At the banquet, Queen Jang pressures Dong Yi into staying, and Jang Hee-jae’s men lock down the premises with no one allowed to leave.

Lady Yu and two of the junior lady investigators sneak into Dong Yi’s quarters.

Episode 37: The King’s decision

Episode 36 recap:

Lady Yu finds the Registration Archives (records of Joseon’s milittary defenses) in Dong Yi’s quarters. She then gives them to Queen Jang and Jang Hee-jae.

Jang Hee-jae arranges a meeting with the Qing envoy to turn over the military records. But Chief Suh and his men raid the meeting place.

When Jang Hee-jae runs and begins burning the records, Chief Suh stops him.

Chun Soo rescues Shim Won Taek.

Dong Yi tells Queen Jang that she can prove her participation in the botched deal with the Qing officials.

Shim Won Taek visits the King and later meets deposed Queen Inhyeon.

King Sukjong orders the arrest of all the officials belonging to the Southerners.

Lady Jung shows Lady Yu and the two junior lady investigators the evidence against them.

With all the evidence he has gathered, Chief Suh tells the King that it’s now time to investigate Queen Jang.

Episode 38: The Royal Consort

Episode 37 recap:

To entrap Queen Jang and Lady Yu, Dong Yi used the same method she used to prove Lady Jang’s innocence in the attempted poisoning against Queen Inhyeon.

Lady Yu and the other arrested officials confess that they were following Queen Jang’s order.

King Sukjong overhears Queen Jang threatening Dong Yi.

When the Southerners abandon her, Queen Jang visits King Sukjong and subtly threatens him by using the Crown Prince.

King Sukjong demotes Queen Jang to her former position as Royal Consort and reinstates Queen Inhyeon.

Queen Inhyeon gratefully tells Dong Yi that she will protect her against Lady Jang by giving her authority within the Inner Court.

But Dong Yi’s induction as Royal Consort is disrupted.

Episode 39: Ghosts from the past

Episode 38 recap:

Lord Oh is removed from office, while Jang Hee-jae, Tribunal Officer Oh Yoon, and others are exiled.

Queen Inhyeon appoints Dong Yi as overseer of the Office of Investigations. Dong Yi promotes Lady Jung as the new Head Lady Investigator; she reinstates Lady Yu and the two lady investigators but demotes them to lower ranks.

Before her induction as Royal Consort, Dong Yi finds out that she’s pregnant.

King Sukjong and Queen Inhyeon show their great delight over Dong Yi’s baby boy. But the rumor soon spreads throughout the Palace that Dong Yi’s son will replace Lady Jang’s son as the Crown Prince.

To protect herself and her son, Lady Jang forms an alliance with an outcast member of the Southerners.

With Queen Inhyeon’s blessings, Dong Yi sets up a porridge distribution center for the starving refugees.

Episode 40: The new Sword Fraternity

Episode 39 recap:

The Director of the Welfare Office is murdered by a man who carried a headband with the insignia of the Sword Fraternity.

King Sukjong appoints Jang Mu-yeol, a Southerner, as governor of the city prefecture.

Lady Jang tells Jang Mu-yeol that it was Lord Oh and not the Sword Fraternity who killed his father. She promises to make Jang Mu-yeol the new leader of the Southerners.

Chun Soo begins investigating if there’s indeed a new Sword Fraternity.

Together with Shim Woon Taek, Dong Yi begins investigating what the mysterious hand signals mean. Chun Soo, meanwhile goes back to Banchon Village and watches everything that’s happening at an old bridge.

Lady Jang comes up with a plan to bring back Jang Hee-jae from exile.

Governor Jang Mu-yeol meets Lady Yu.

After killing more nobles, the leader of the new Sword Fraternity sends out his men to kill someone whose death will bring great chaos to the government — Royal Consort Dong Yi.

Episode 41: The music notes

Episode 40 recap:

Governor Jang Mu-yeol threatens Lady Yu into watching and reporting Dong Yi’s movements.

Despite her pleas, Lady Jung and Jung-im refuse to let Dong Yi go out into the capital.

Chun Soo finds out that the new Sword Fraternity has been reestablished by Dong Yi’s wimpy childhood friend, Gaeduara.

Gaeduara is shocked to find out that the Royal Consort whom he has targeted to kill is none other than his friend Dong Yi.

Dong Yi asks Chun Soo to arrange a meeting between her and Gaeduara.

Governor Jang Mu-yeol submits a petition to King Sukjong asking that the exiled Southerners be released in exchange for donating all their wealth for the starving people.

Lady Yu and her girls continue watching Lady Jung and Jung-im.

Governor Jang Mu-yeol becomes suspicious when Chun Soo doesn’t report the attack on Dong Yi’s vacation house.

Dong Yi returns to the Palace and later, the Bureau of Music director Hwang Ju-shik visits her.

Episode 42: The frame-up

Episode 41 recap:

Despite Dong Yi and Chun Soo’s pleas, Gaeduara says that he won’t stop killing the nobles.

Chun Soo reveals to Chief Suh that the Sword Fraternity has been reestablished and is responsible for killing the nobles.

Governor Jang Mu-yeol finds out that it was the Sword Fraternity who attacked Dong Yi at her vacation house.

Dong Yi finally decodes the meaning of the mysterious hand signals.

After finally decoding the mysterious hand signals, Dong Yi confronts Lady Jang.

Jang Hee-jae returns from his exile.

Chief Suh, Shim Woon Taek, and Chun Soo all say that proving Lord Oh’s guilt may be difficult because the killings took place years ago. Dong Yi tells them that they need to create the evidence against Lord Oh.

After meeting Queen Inhyeon and the leader of the Westerners, Dong Yi goes to the Grand Palace to see King Sukjong.

Lady Jang asks Governor Jang Mu-yeol to investigate the Sword Fraternity incidents that happened years ago.

Gaeduara and his men pursue Lord Oh after he hastily leaves the capital.

Episode 43: The revelation and the confession

Episode 42 recap:

Lady Jang and Governor Jang Mu-yeol discover that Dong Yi is the fugitive daughter of the Sword Fraternity’s chief.

Jang Hee-jae’s men kill Lord Oh.

Gaeduara and his men fall into a trap, and later, the Prefecture soldiers raid the Sword Fraternity’s mountain hideout.

Dong Yi escapes from the Palace to see the wounded Gaeduara in the gisaeng house. She arranges a way for Gaeduara to escape, but as she’s leading Gaeduara out of the house, King Sukjong arrives.

Governor Jang Mu-yeol arrests Gaeduara and takes Dong Yi into custody. In shock, King Sukjong cannot do or say anything.

Dong Yi later meets King Sukjong and finally reveals everything about her past. In anger, King Sukjong orders Dong Yi confined to her residence.

The ministers from the Southerners faction begin petitioning King Sukjong to punish Dong Yi. On the other hand, the Westerners tell Queen Inhyeon that Dong Yi’s situation is hopeless.

Lady Jang orders Governor Jang Mu-yeol to arrest Dong Yi’s attendants, Lady Jung, Jung-im, and Chun Soo.

Episode 44: The tipping point

Episode 43 recap:

Queen Inhyeon confronts and tells Lady Jang that she will protect Dong Yi.

King Sukjong visits Gaeduara in his prison cell and asks him why he and the Sword Fraternity members rose up in arms against the government.

King Sukjong tells Dong Yi to lie about her relationship with Gaeduara. Despite the protests by the ministers, he refuses to punish Dong Yi.

When her attendants, Lady Jung, Jung-im, and Chun Soo are arrested and tortured, Dong Yi decides to go to the Prefecture and confess everything.

Despite Dong Yi’s full confession before the Prefecture, King Sukjong still refuses to punish her.

Government officials from all levels begin boycotting their duties, and the Confucian scholars continue their protests.

Dong Yi finds something wrong with her baby boy and immediately calls for the royal physicians.

King Sukjong finally hands down his decision on Gaeduara, the surviving Sword Fraternity members, Chun Soo, and Dong Yi.

Episode 45: Geum and Lady Jang

Episode 44 recap:

Dong Yi’s baby boy dies from measles.

Seeing the whole government paralyzed because of the continuous boycott and protests, Dong Yi pleads with King Sukjong to punish her.

King Sukjong orders that Gaeduara be beheaded and Chun Soo to be exiled to a distant island.

Because of the death of Dong Yi’s baby, King Sukjong retains her title and position but casts her out of the Palace.

Several months after King Sukjong visits her in her place of exile, Dong Yi finds out that she’s pregnant. She later gives birth to another baby boy; King Sukjong names the baby as “Geum” (bright).

Six years later ...

As the Qing entourage arrives in the capital, Geum and several lowborn children get into trouble with a haughty scholar.

During the welcome banquet for the Qing entourage, the Crown Prince — Lady Jang’s son — collapses.

Geum gets reprimanded by his Confucian classics teacher for sleeping during class.

King Sukjong and Queen Inhyeon sponsor a feast for lowborn children in the capital. Along with his lowborn friends, Geum enters the Palace hoping to meet his father whom he has never seen. But at the Palace, he meets instead Lady Jang.

Episode 46: The fire

Episode 45 recap:

Geum is a prodigy who at age seven has mastered by himself the Confucian classics “Doctrine of the Mean” and “Great Learning.”

The Crown Prince is seriously sick, with the possibility that he may never be able to sire children. But Lady Jang has kept his sickness a closely-guarded secret.

The lady investigators under Lady Jung and the Royal Guards under Chief Suh search frantically all over the Palace for Geum.

Geum gets kicked out of the Palace, and later, while crying in an isolated place, he meets King Sukjong.

King Sukjong introduces himself to Geum as the Justice Officer of the Prefecture, and they spend the day together in the capital.

Dong Yi decides to take Geum out of his school and begins looking for a private tutor. She also investigates who the Justice Officer could be.

King Sukjong calls Chief Suh and tells him what his plans for Geum are.

Queen Inhyeon begins the process for selecting the Crown Prince’s bride, causing Lady Jang to panic.

Lady Jang’s mother finds out that King Sukjong has been seen near Dong Yi’s house and has met Geum.

Episode 47: The future King

Episode 46 recap:

When Lady Jang requests that the selection of the Crown Princess be postponed again, Queen Inhyeon becomes suspicious that something might be wrong with the Crown Prince.

Woon Hak refuses Dong Yi’s request that he become Geum’s tutor.

Lady Jang’s mother hires some thugs to kill Dong Yi and Geum by setting fire to their house.

Despite opposition by the Southerners, King Sukjong declares that he will bring Dong Yi and Geum to the Palace.

Dong Yi and Geum enter the Palace so that Geum can begin attending the Royal Institute. But soon enough, Geum goes missing in the Palace.

Queen Inhyeon organizes a welcome banquet for Dong Yi, and there, Dong Yi and Lady Jang meet again.

Despite Dong Yi’s pleas, Woon Hak still refuses to become Geum’s tutor.

Queen Inhyeon meets the nurse of the Crown Prince’s personal physician.

Fearing for the Crown Prince’s position, Lady Jang plans to humiliate Geum before everyone in the Palace.

Episode 48: The Royal Lectures Office

Episode 47 recap:

Geum is given his royal title of “Prince Yeon Ing,” while Dong Yi is promoted to “Suk-ui” (Royal Noble Consort, rank 2).

Geum shocks everyone — King Sukjong, the Crown Prince, the Royal tutors — by reciting and explaining verses from the Confucian classic “Great Learning.”

Queen Inhyeon finally finds out what’s physically wrong with the Crown Prince.

On Queen Inhyeon’s suggestion, King Sukjong orders that Geum be educated together with the Crown Prince at the Royal Lectures Office.

The Southerners protest King Sukjong’s decision to allow Prince Yeon Ing (Geum) to study with the Crown Prince at the Royal Lectures Office.

King Sukjong goes to see Woon Hak.

With all the tonics that he has been drinking, the Crown Prince becomes curious about what’s wrong with him.

Lady Jang orders Jang Hee-jae to find the missing nurse.

King Sukjong recalls Chun Soo from his exile.

After visiting a shaman, Lady Jang’s mother orders her thugs to kidnap Ho Yang (the former Bureau of Music official who’s infatuated with Dong Yi).

Queen Inhyeon confronts Lady Jang about the Crown Prince.

Episode 49: Queen Inhyeon and the shaman

Episode 48 recap:

Woon Hak agrees to be Prince Yeon Ing’s tutor.

King Sukjong appoints Chun Soo as Tribunal Officer and orders him to protect Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing.

Lady Jang’s mother confesses to Jang Hee-jae that she ordered the burning of Dong Yi’s house and the kidnapping of Ho Yang.

Queen Inhyeon’s soldiers capture the men sent by Jang Hee-jae to find the missing nurse.

Queen Inhyeon orders Lady Jang to reveal the Crown Prince’s sickness to the King.

The shaman tells Jang Hee-jae that Queen Inhyeon must die if he and Lady Jang want to survive.

Dong Yi finds Queen Inhyeon unconscious in her quarters.

As Queen Inhyeon lies unconscious, King Sukjong rushes to her side. Later, Lady Jang insists that she be allowed to see Queen Inhyeon.

From Lady Jung’s report, Dong Yi asks Lady Ahn why Queen Inhyeon visited Lady Jang the night before.

Woon Hak and Prince Yeon Ing are on a mountain looking for acorns. Later, Prince Yeon Ing and the Crown Prince work together on a wreath for Queen Inhyeon.

As Chief Suh and Chun Soo increase the security around the Queen Inhyeon’s residence, Lady Jang’s mother sneaks the shaman into the Palace.

Jang Hee-jae and his men snatch Jong-Geum, Queen Inhyeon’s attendant. (Besides Queen Inhyeon, only Jong-Geum knows where the nurse’s safe house is.)

Episode 50: Farewell, Queen Inhyeon!

Episode 49 recap:

Prince Yeon Ing finds the voodoo doll and name tag that were used by the shaman in cursing Queen Inhyeon.

Jang Hee-jae’s men and the Royal Guards under Chun Soo race against each other towards the safe house where the nurse is being kept.

But Minister Jang Mu-yeol’s men arrive first at the safe house and snatch the nurse. The nurse later confesses that the Crown Prince may not be able to sire children.

In her last moments, Queen Inhyeon makes Dong Yi promise that she and Prince Yeon Ing will survive in the Palace.

After reassuring King Sukjong that she harbors no ill feelings towards him, Queen Inhyeon makes a final request for Dong Yi.

Queen Inhyeon dies.

The Southerners, under Minister Jang Mu-yeol, form an alliance with the Soron faction of the Westerners.

Dong Yi and Lady Jang find out separately about the growing bond as brothers between Prince Yeon Ing and the Crown Prince.

Prince Yeon Ing sneaks into the Royal Pharmacy.

Dong Yi secretly visits Lady Jang.

King Sukjong starts acting on Queen Inhyeon’s last request for Dong Yi.

Episode 51: The bond of brothers

Episode 50 recap:

With Prince Yeon Ing’s help, the Crown Prince finally learns what’s wrong with him physically.

As a sign of sincerity and good will, Dong Yi gives the voodoo doll and name tag to Lady Jang. She assures Lady Jang that Prince Yeon Ing will not be a threat and that the Crown Prince will surely be the next King.

Before her death, Queen Inhyeon requested King Sukjong to appoint Dong Yi as the next Queen in order to protect both the Crown Prince and Prince Yeon Ing.

King Sukjong orders that Dong Yi be promoted as a Royal Noble Consort with the same rank as Lady Jang.

Minister Jang Mu-yeol switches sides to Dong Yi and turns over the nurse to Chief Suh and Chun Soo. But Jang Hee-jae finds out this doublecross.

Lady Jang visits Dong Yi.

The ministers from the Southerners and the Soron faction accuse Prince Yeon Ing of stealing the Crown Prince’s books.

At a contentious meeting with the ministers, King Sukjong reveals his royal decree for Dong Yi.

After confronting Jang Hee-jae, Minister Jang Mu-yeol visits Dong Yi.

The Crown Prince and Prince Yeon Ing escape from the Palace.

Episode 52: The blame game

Episode 51 recap:

Lady Jang turns down Dong Yi’s offer of peace, saying that she will make Dong Yi kneel before her.

The Crown Prince tells King Sukjong that he lent his books to Prince Yeon Ing.

King Sukjong appoints Dong Yi as Royal Noble Consort of the 1st rank, equal to Lady Jang’s rank. The rumor soon spreads that Dong Yi will be the next Queen.

Minister Jang Mu-yeol offers his help to Dong Yi in attacking Lady Jang and the Crown Prince. But Dong Yi turns him down.

The Crown Prince and Prince Yeon Ing enjoy themselves in the streets of the capital. But then the Crown Prince is accused of being a pickpocket and gets thrown into jail.

King Sukjong orders the Royal Guards and all the men in the police bureaus to search for the Crown Prince.

Dong Yi, Chun Soo, and the Lady Investigators also begin searching for Prince Yeon Ing.

The frantic search for the Crown Prince and Prince Yeon Ing continues all over the streets of the capital.

The Crown Prince takes the policemen to a house where he claims to live.

Prince Yeon Ing seeks the help of Young-dal and Hwang Ju-shik.

Lady Jang orders her guards to arrest Prince Yeon Ing. Later, the ministers from the Southerners and the Soron faction insist that Prince Yeon Ing must be punished.

Episode 53: The Crown Prince’s revelation

Episode 52 recap:

Chun Soo rescues the Crown Prince, while Hwang Joo-shik brings Prince Yeon Ing back to the Palace.

The Crown Prince and Prince Yeon Ing each take the blame for the mess they created.

Lady Jang scolds the Crown Prince, telling him that Prince Yeon Ing is his enemy.

Feeling guilty about Prince Yeon Ing’s situation, the Crown Prince goes to see King Sukjong.

The Crown Prince reveals his sickness to King Sukjong. Angry that this has been kept a secret from him, King Sukjong confronts Lady Jang.

The Oh father and son capture the men who tried to hang Ho Yang.

Minister Jang Mu-yeol increases the pressure on Lady Jang and Jang Hee-jae by talking with the Soron ministers.

Lady Jang leaves the Palace to talk with the Soron ministers.

Lady Jung of the Office of Investigations orders the arrest of Lady Jang’s attendants.

Episode 54: End of the road for Jang Hee-jae

Episode 53 recap:

Madam Yoon (Lady Jang’s mother) is arrested for ordering the burning of Dong Yi’s house.

Lady Jang begs on her knees for King Sukjong’s forgiveness.

The Soron ministers turn their backs on Lady Jang.

Lady Jang vows to drag Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing down with her.

Jang Hee-jae and his men get fire accelerants and set fire to the Crown Prince’s residence. In the ensuing chaos, assassins attack Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing.

Chun Soo rescues Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing from the assassins.

King Sukjong learns that the assassins were sent by Jang Hee-jae.

Finding out that his grandmother tried to kill Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing, the Crown Prince is overcome with guilt and shame, refuses to eat, and becomes sick.

After meeting with Lady Jang, King Sukjong gathers all the ministers in a Grand Assembly.

Episode 55: The death sentence

Episode 54 recap:

After seeing her mother and brother being tortured, Lady Jang breaks down and admits that she masterminded the attempts against the lives of Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing.

King Sukjong orders that Jang Hee-jae and Madam Yoon to be beheaded.

When he sees no remorse whatsoever from Lady Jang, King Sukjong orders her execution by poison.

Realizing that Prince Yeon Ing’s life will always be threatened, Dong Yi faces a dilemma on whether to accept her appointment as the new Queen.

Dong Yi and the Crown Prince plead with King Sukjong about the death sentence for Lady Jang. Later, Dong Yi visits Lady Jang at her residence where she’s being kept under guard.

When the Noron faction insists that Dong Yi should be appointed as the new Queen, the Southerners and the Soron faction plot against her.

The Crown Prince is overcome with despair, feeling guilty about everything that has happened and thinking that he will be cast out of the Palace.

Episode 56: Queen Inwon

Episode 55 recap:

On her knees, Lady Jang begs Dong Yi to protect the Crown Prince.

With King Sukjong watching from afar, Lady Jang is executed by poisoning.

Dong Yi tells Chief Suh, Shim Woon Taek, and Chun Soo that for the two princes to survive, Prince Yeon Ing must become the Heir Successor.

After Dong Yi refuses to become the next Queen, Lady Kim is appointed and becomes Queen Inwon. Almost immediately, tension arises between Queen Inwon and Dong Yi over their roles in the Inner Court.

Falling under the influence of Minister Jang Mu-yeol, Queen Inwon tells Dong Yi that Prince Yeon Ing must get married and leave the Palace.

Jang Mu-yeol and his men are attacked by a masked man.

Shim Woon Taek rallies the Noron ministers to stand against Prince Yeon Ing’s early marriage.

Despite worrying about Prince Yeon Ing’s safety, Dong Yi continues to look after the Crown Prince’s welfare.

Posters are placed all over the capital announcing the prohibition against marriages and the selection of Prince Yeon Ing’s bride.

Not satisfied with the nominated candidates, Dong Yi alarms the Soron ministers when she goes to the house of the previous Soron leader, who’s widely-respected among the Confucian scholars.

Episode 57: Dong Yi’s expulsion and the coup

Episode 56 recap:

Dong Yi insists to Queen Inwon that she alone has the right to choose Prince Yeon Ing’s bride.

Dong Yi chooses as bride the daughter of a lowly Confucian scholar — a disciple of Woon Hak who’s not interested in politics.

The Soron ministers laugh at Dong Yi’s choice but later on become frantic when they find out that the Confucian scholar’s house is filled with “royal energy.”

Threatened by Chun Soo, Minister Jang Mu-yeol backtracks and says that Prince Yeon Ing does not have to leave the Palace after he gets married.

Prince Yeon Ing gets married.

King Sukjong asks Dong Yi about her true intentions for Prince Yeon Ing.

Queen Inwon becomes intrigued by Dong Yi’s decisions and actions.

King Sukjong cancels all his appointments and goes on a short vacation. Later, he tells the ministers that the Crown Prince will now on attend all the assemblies and be given more responsibilities.

King Sukjong shocks everyone when he declares that Dong Yi must leave the Palace. The rumors begin spreading that all the officials close to Dong Yi will be demoted or dismissed.

While the Soron ministers rejoice over Dong Yi’s expulsion from the Palace, Minister Jang Mu-yeol becomes suspicious of King Sukjong’s true intentions.

Minister Jang Mu-yeol wants to use the gullible Queen Inwon to strike Dong Yi and all her followers. Conniving with the Soron leader and ministers, he gains total control over the army and begins to lock down the Palace.

Episode 58: The ambush

Episode 57 recap:

King Sukjong reveals to Dong Yi and Chun Soo that he will abdicate so that the Crown Prince will become King and Prince Yeon Ing will become the Heir Successor.

While King Sukjong is meeting the Qing emissary in Ohnyang, Minister Jang Mu-yeol gains total control of the Palace.

Queen Inwon visits Dong Yi, while Chun Soo confronts Minister Jang Mu-yeol.

Minister Jang Mu-yeol misleads Queen Inwon that Dong Yi, Chun Soo, and their followers will try to grab power. He urges Queen Inwon to order Dong Yi to leave the Palace immediately.

With only a handful of Royal Guards to protect both Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing, Chun Soo asks Shim Woon Taek to gather all the private soldiers of the Noron officials.

The Crown Prince is on his way to an official event, but Minister Jang Mu-yeol has changed his entourage’s route to the route that Dong Yi is supposed to take on her way to Yihyun Palace.

Episode 59: The reckoning

Episode 58 recap:

Using explosives, Minister Jang mu-yeol stages an ambush against the Crown Prince’s entourage. Thinking that Dong Yi’s entourage is under attack, the private soldiers of the Noron officials rush to her defense. Despite Chun Soo’s pleas, a misencounter takes place between the private soldiers and the Crown Prince’s guards.

Minister Jang Mu-yeol urges Queen Inwon to issue a decree for Dong Yi’s arrest.

Dong Yi orders the soldiers to arrest Minister Jang Mu-yeol and his men.

The Royal Guards under Chief Suh begin watching the movements of the Soron officials.

Episode 60: Finale

Episode 59 recap:

Believing in Dong Yi’s sincerity and after finding out that King Sukjong plans to abdicate, Queen Inwon issues a decree for the arrest of Minister Jang Mu-yeol and his men.

Kijng Sukjong orders the execution of Minister Jang Mu-yeol and the Soron officials who helped him.

All the ministers and Confucian scholars protest King Sukjong’s plan to abdicate.

Queen Inwon decides to adopt Prince Yeon Ing so that he can become the legitimate Heir Successor.

Despite King Sukjong’s misgivings, Dong Yi leaves the Palace and becomes a “waeji bu” (private legal officer) for the poor and oppressed people in the capital.

“Dong Yi” OST and videos on “haegeum” (native Korean instrument used in this drama)

“Dong Yi” theme song (instrumental)

“Dong Yi” theme song (slow version)

Process of Making a Haegeum (Arirang Culture)

Window on Korean Culture 2: Haegeum

Solo Arirang for Haegeum, Violin and Piano

The Song of Sorrowful Winds: flute and haegeum

Historical backgrounders, review, and analysis (external links)

1. Political factions in Joseon Dynasty (Wikipedia)

“In the 16th century, a nationwide split occurred within the Sarim faction between the Western faction (Seo-in) and Eastern faction (Dong-in), composed mainly of younger generation. Political divisions intensified even further as the Eastern faction in turn split between the hard-line Northern faction (Buk-in) and the moderate Southern faction (Nam-in)[1] and the Western factions split between the Old Learning (No-ron) and the Young Learning (So-ron). Northern faction further split into Greater Northern and Smaller Northern factions. These names for faction often come from relative location of its leader's house.”

2. “Daebak – Factionalism and The Reigns of Kings Sukjong and Yeongjo” (Epiphanyblog)

... in 1575 a major dispute first arose between two political cliques, the Easterners (Tongin) and Westerners (Soin) over appointments to powerful middle-level positions in the Ministry of Personnel. The dispute became a hereditary conflict, passed from one generation to another, and from Confucian teachers to their students. The Easterners quickly gained dominance over the Westerners but an internal split developed in the Western faction between Northerners and Southerners.

The first factional battle of his reign occurred between the Western vs Southern factions. The Southern party lost and was purged from government and was driven out of politics with numerous executions and exiles. The Western faction, then, split into Noron (Old Learning, i,e, conservative) and Soron (New Learning, i.e. progressive).

After nine years in power, the Noron collapsed when Sukjong deposed Queen Inhyeon and named Consort Hui of Jang clan (also called Consort Jang or Jang Hui-Bin) as the new queen. The Noron faction, who supported Queen Inhyeon, opposed Sukjong’s deposing Inhyeon while the Soron faction, who supported Lady Jang, approved.

3. Chart of Joseon Kings and Related Sageuk Dramas

“[King Sukjong] had to deal with the continuing fight for power between the Westerners and Southerners. The Westerners won (for a while) but broke into two smaller factions (Soron and Noron). The political situation is portrayed in Dong Yi (MBC, 2010) – a romance based on the relationship between King Sukjong and Suk Bin (Dong Yi), concubine and mother of King Yeongjo.”

4. How is King Sukjong portrayed in Dong Yi (MBC 2010)

5. Articles from The Talking Cupboard: Royal Ranks in Joseon Dynasty; Women of the Joseon Dynasty (Part 1)

6. Dong Yi — the politics; Dong Yi — superstition and magic; Dong Yi — the minor characters; Dong Yi — final thoughts

Lessons in photography from “Dong Yi”

Lessons: color wheel, color temperature, harmonious colors, cool colors. Note: This scene from Episode 38, I think, shows Queen Inhyeon arriving in the palace; she was reinstated to her position because of Dong Yi’s sacrifices.

Lessons: themes in photo essays, reflection. Note: The first picture above shows the young Dong Yi in Episode 2, while the second picture shows Dong Yi as a new Lady Investigator in Episode 12.

Lesson: linear perspective

Lessons: patterns, line of direction, conveying depth through overlapping objects

Lesson: in these four pictures, a natural frame is created as the camera moves to the right. Note: This scene from Episode 20 shows Queen Inhyeon right after she has been deposed.

Lessons: natural frame (partial), diagonal lines

Lesson: natural frame using out of focus highlights

Lessons: rack focus, selective or differential focusing

Lessons: rule of thirds, silhouette, aerial perspective

Lessons: symmetry, foreground frame

Theme-based video recaps

(Note: When you click the “Play” button, the video will open directly to the relevant scene.)

A. One of the most-loved themes in this drama is the friendship between Dong Yi and Queen Inhyeon.

1. Dong Yi meets Queen Inhyeon for the first time. (Ep. 14, #04)

2. Dong Yi vows to prove Queen Inhyeon’s innocence. (Ep. 21, #01)

3. Dong Yi visits Queen Inhyeon during her exile. (Ep. 22, #06)

4. Dong Yi welcomes Queen Inhyeon after her reinstatement. (Ep. 38, #03)

5. Queen Inhyeon welcomes Dong Yi and Geum back into the Palace. (Ep. 47, #01)

6. Dong Yi bids farewell to Queen Inhyeon. (Ep. 50, #01)

B. Like mother, like son: The first video below (Ep. 02, #01) shows Dong Yi as a young girl trying out to be the greeter for the Lunar New Year. The second video (Ep. 45, #04) shows Geum falling asleep in class and then surprising his teacher with his mastery of the Confucian classics.

C. The complex relationship between Dong Yi and Lady Jang fuels this drama’s conflict.

1. Dong Yi, as an adult, meets and speaks with Lady Jang one-on-one for the first time. (Ep. 07, #07)

2. Lady Jang saves Dong Yi from being interrogated through torture by submitting herself to the authority of the lady investigators. (Ep. 10, #01)

3. Dong Yi expresses her unwavering faith in Lady Jang after she saves Lady Jang from being accused in the attempted poisoning of Queen Inhyeon. (Ep. 11, #03)

4. Dong Yi’s faith in Lady Jang is shattered as Lady Jang tries to cover up her attendant’s complicity in the plot against the Queen Mother. (Ep. 18, #03)

5. Lady Jang finds out about the special friendship between King Sukjong and Dong Yi. (Ep. 19, #04)

6. Lady Jang again sees King Sukjong and Dong Yi enjoying each other's company, and she vows to end everything by killing Dong Yi. (Ep. 22, #07)

7. Dong Yi confronts Lady Jang after Queen Inhyeon is dethroned. (Ep. 21, #02)

8. Dong Yi offers peace between her and Lady Jang for the sake of the Crown Prince and Prince Yeon Ing. (Ep. 50, #05)

9. Lady Jang begs on her knees for Dong Yi to protect the Crown Prince. (Ep. 55, #02)

E. Besides the friendship between Dong Yi and Queen Inhyeon, another well-loved theme is the relationship as student and mentor between Dong Yi and Lady Jung of the Office of Investigations.

1. Dong Yi meets Lady Jung for the first time when she was still a slave at the Bureau of Music and trying to plead Lady Jang’s innocence. (Ep. 10, #03)

2. Lady Jung sympathizes with Dong Yi as Dong Yi begs for a chance to prove herself as a lady investigator. (Ep. 13, #03)

3. Dong Yi and Lady Jung are reunited inside the Palace, after Dong Yi has been presumed dead for the last three months after the fire in the Treasury. (Ep. 28, #06)

4. Lady Jung visits Dong Yi in her residence as Special Court Lady and tells her that it could be the last time she can ever call her as “Dong Yi.” (Ep. 31, #04)

D. Full circle: The first video (Ep. 06, #07) shows Dong Yi and the Justice Officer (aka King Sukjong) while investigating the Omen of Discordance and Dong Yi stepping on the officer’s back so that she can climb over the wall. The second video (Ep. 60, #06) shows Dong Yi again stepping on King Sukhong’s back in the final episode.