Sunday, June 09, 2019

Photojournalism seminar for students and teachers of Kapitan Eddie T. Reyes Integrated School, Taguig City, June 8, 2019

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I gave a whole-day seminar on photojournalism for 25 students and seven teachers of Kapitan Eddie T. Reyes Integrated School in Taguig City last Saturday, June 8. The venue was one of the audiovisual rooms of the Sen. Cayetano Science and Technology High School.

Teachers: Sarah Ina Jaranilla, Jean-Rose Dalisay, Marjorie Giba, Aprilyn Celestial, Maria Crisanta Razon, Maricel Untalan, and Noemi Esguerra.

Students: Irene Genevieve Junco, Alta Fatima Dacumos, Aljon Bin de Lina, Shane Berdera, Ussamie July Leron, Princess Aizel Geraldino, Ralph Joshua Letran, Shells Jane Sumatra, Princess Denniza Loyola, John Jerrick Pastoral, Every Krissa Tejada, Snarleen Olaguir, Charlize Tuesday Cruz, Bon Josh Pagaran, Marvin De Veras, Christian Carlos Dizon, Cyra Marie Luna, Art Justhine Galan, Janna Louris Audrey Baon, Jerome Rick Castor, Christian Noel Bardollas, Joseph Anthony Montanez, Marc Darhyll Palazo, Andrian Gayda, and Rose Ann Salak.

The topic that I emphasized to the participants was to use Dynamic Symmetry or the armature of the 1.5 rectangle, instead of the Rule of Thirds. This armature was used by Henri Cartier Bresson (father of photojournalism) in composing his now-classic images.

Students waiting for their fellow students to arrive for the seminar

Students taking pictures around the campus as their hands-on activity

Teachers waiting for the students to finish their hands-on activity

Students evaluating their photos by groups

Pictures by student-participants

Pictures by Ralph Joshua Letran

(Click the picture to view or download a much-bigger copy)

Pictures by Ussomie Leron

Pictures by Fatima Layson Dacumos

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