Saturday, May 12, 2018

My smartphone photos

As I stated in the Introduction, I used a Canon AE-1 Program SLR camera to shoot the pictures that I used to illustrate the 40-plus lessons in photojournalism. (I used several lenses like the Canon FD 1.8 50 mm normal lens, Vivitar Series 1 70-210 mm zoom lens, and Vivitar 28-200 super zoom.) I’ve long retired that beloved camera, and for a while, I used a point-and-shoot, Sony digital camera.

Last year, I bought a smartphone with a 5-megapixel camera. But because of various reasons (no physical zoom, no control over depth of field, the “shutter release” is on the left side of the phone, etc.), it was only this year that I have tried doing some serious shooting with my phone.

Early morning in UP Diliman, taken April 2018.

I was a freshman in UP way back in 1973. Ah, the 1970s, those were the best years — AS, Main Lib, Vinzons Hall, the frat rumbles, Danny Purple, Sunken Garden, ABBA, etc.

Transient Beauty 01 (Rainforest Park, Pasig City)

Transient Beauty 02 (Rainforest Park, Pasig City)

Homeless cat (Rainforest Park, Pasig City)

Let there be light! (Amphitheater in Rainforest Park, Pasig City)

The Bench (Rainforest Park, Pasig City)

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