Thursday, November 09, 2006

Division of Pasig City and San Juan Press Conference, November 6,7 and 10, 2006, San Juan National High School

Some 300 students from public and private high schools are participating in the annual press conference featuring competitions in photojournalism and writing (news, features, editorial, sports, etc). I gave the lecture in photojournalism and supervised the actual photo shoot of a volleyball game. Awarding of winners is scheduled on Friday, November 10. Congratulations to the winners!

Sportswriters doing their pre-game interviews

Warm up muna bago maglaro

Participants trying out their new skill on pre-focusing

Girl from St. Paul's Pasig with her high tech camera

Participant from Santolan High School - may camera na, may umbrella pa!

Diagonal line! Vertical format!

Anticipate the action!

Trio of students concentrating on the action

Girls from the brand new Pasig City Science High School

Guys and girls from Rizal High School Main

Delegation from Santolan High School

Bago contest, lecture muna!

Girls from Dominican College with Aquinas boys behind them

O, tapos na ang contest, submit na ang film!