Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Free ebook: Smashing Magazine 5th anniversary offer

Smashing Magazine 5th anniversary offerThis free ebook contains the best articles that have been published on Smashing Magazine in the last five years. It is available in PDF, ePUB and Mobipocket formats. Topics include:

  • Thirty Usability Issues to Be Aware Of
  • Ten Principles of Effective Web Design
  • Clever JPEG Optimization Techniques
  • Typographic Design Patterns and Best Practices
  • Ten Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines
  • Setting Up Photoshop for Web and iPhone Development
  • The Ails of Typographic Anti-Aliasing
  • Mastering Photoshop: Noise, Textures and Gradients
  • Better User Experience With Storytelling
  • The Beauty of Typography, Writing Systems and Calligraphy
  • Web Designers, Don’t Do It Alone
  • Making Your Mark on the Web Is Easier Than You Think
  • Responsive Web Design: What It Is and How to Use It
  • I Want to Be a Web Designer When I Grow Up
  • Persuasion Triggers in Web Design
  • What Font Should I Use?
  • The Design Matrix: A Powerful Tool for Guiding Client Input
  • Why User Experience Cannot Be Designed
  • Dear Web Design Community, Where Have You Gone?
  • Make Your Content Make a Difference
  • Two Cats in a Sack: Designer-Developer Discord
  • Print Loves Web