Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Karylle’s awful photo in Fruitas ad

Ever since Angel Locsin (the most beautiful woman in the universe) got into a relationship with Azkals star Phil Younghusband, I’ve turned my attentions elsewhere. Recently, I’ve become enamored with Karylle, singer-TV host and daughter of Zsa Zsa Padilla. During lunch breaks while waiting for our water tank to fill up, I would watch her ABS-CBN show. (When she’s not on a segment, I would switch the TV to Masterchef 3, Dog Whisperer,  and History shows like Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, and Kings of Restoration.)

Karylle looks so refreshing and young enough to be a college student. (She looks like the younger version of the second most beautiful woman in the universe I have referred to several times in my Salt and Light blog.) Karylle also seems to be very intelligent; one time, she mentioned the Barack Obama-Mitt Romney debates. On the negative side, her weight loss doesn’t suit her, and contact lenses make her look cross-eyed.

Last week, while at an Ever Gotesco branch, I walked by a Fruitas stand and I saw Karylle’s photo. The Fruitas ad showed her in a sleeveless, low cut, lavender green shirt. The photographer shot her from a high angle. Because the light source comes from the left (from Karylle’s vantage point, from her right), there are shadows on her face and body. Overall, her ad photo has dark tones.

My forte is photojournalism, not portraiture or advertising photography. But I think that the Fruitas ad photo fails to show Karylle’s beauty and in my opinion, will fail to attract customers for Fruitas. Karylle’s photo should have been shot in much lighter tones – to show her fair complexion and to entice people to buy Fruitas. If you remember my discussion on the elements of a photograph, light tones convey to the viewers a cheerful, open, and optimistic mood. The shadows in Karylle’s photo should have been avoided with front lighting. And a normal, eye level point of view should have been used instead of a high angle.