Friday, July 13, 2007

Photojournalism (6): Element of pattern

Pattern is the repetition of shapes, lines, colors, or forms. It can either be a random or orderly arrangement of objects in nature or of man-made objects. It may either be a repetition of a single, basic shape or a combination of shapes.

patterns - single shapes or combinations; photo by Atty. Galacio

pattern - squares and triangles; photo by Atty. Galacio

patterns may also be of people's actions, positions, etc; photo by Atty. Galacio

People by their gestures, actions, expressions, and movements, can also create patterns, as in the picture of the girls below, fervently praying, waiting for the announcement of winners in a drama contest.

patterns - gestures, movements of people; Rizal High School, 1995, praying for the results of the drama contest; photo by Atty. Galacio

Sometimes however, a picture can become more effective or interesting if there is a disruption in the pattern of a subject, like in picture below where this girl on the left, front row, takes time out from the field demo practice to say “hello!”

disruption in patterns create interest; photo by Atty. Galacio

9 Photo Composition Tips (featuring Steve McCurry, 2002 Photographer of the Year, American Photo Magazine); Tip No. 8: Patterns and repetition

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