Sunday, June 24, 2007

Photojournalism (2): Elements of photojournalism, with videos

Elements of photojournalism (from Wikipedia)

(1) Timeliness — the images have meaning in the context of a recently published record of events.

(2) Objectivity — the situation implied by the images is a fair and accurate representation of the events they depict in both content and tone.

(3) Narrative — the images combine with other news elements to make facts relatable to the viewer or reader on a cultural level.

Relevant articles on photojournalism

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Relevant resources on photojournalism

A Photojournalist’s Field Guide: In the Trenches with Stacy Pearsall (58 sample pages; 6.97 MB); Photojournalism Curriculum Guide – Texas Association of Journalism Educators (16 pages; 119.84 KB); Photojournalism history (42 slides; 36.33 MB); History of Photojournalism - Legacy Student Media (34 slides; 2.91 MB); Photojournalism in the U.S. and Germany: A Comparative View (44 slides; 2.92 MB)

Photojournalism videos

Elements of Photojournalism

The history of photojournalism by David Hoffman

7 Photojournalism Tips by Reuters Photographer Damir Sagolj (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

The Power of Photojournalism

Photography Techniques: Photojournalism Tips From Ed Kashi (Advancing Your Photography)

Documentary Photography: Tips & Advice by Daniel Milnor (Advancing Your Photography)

The Best Of Photography Awards Pulitzer, World Press

“Pencil vs. Camera” project by Ben Heine View all photos from “Pencil vs. Camera” project

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