Creative writing using photographs

As I explained in Photojournalism (11): Creative writing through seeing, photographs (whether your own, those of others, or cut out from newspapers and magazines) can be a very effective way of teaching or learning the English language.

As a good way of learning how to write creatively, you can write descriptions, narrations, dialogue, expositions, etc. based on your thoughts and feelings about pictures that you like (or hate). Posted below are links to some available pictures, sample essays, and ideas for composition.

Picture nos. 1 to 5
Picture no. 6
Picture no. 7
Picture no. 8 “Please Hear What I’m Not Saying”
Picture no. 9 “Youth is not a time of life”
Picture no. 10 “Desiderata”
Picture no. 11 (series) Thoughts on graduation day
Picture no. 12 (light and shadows)
Picture no. 13 (series): The joys of high school
Picture no. 14: “Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset ...”
Picture no. 15: Footprints in the corridor
Picture no. 16: The toys and joys of childhood
Picture no. 17: Serendipity
Picture no. 18 (series): Clouds and nostalgia

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